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Wilson Grocery Co. Beauregard, West Shefford Stn. Lawrie, Kam- loops, B. Gavin Bros. Vaneou ver, B. Results Analysis. Ash Malic Acid. Rarusay Bin- claim was sold for com- pound. Was invoiced as maple sugar.

Ottawa, June 7. Sib, — I Lave the honour to submit herewith a report upon sampled sold as maple syrup Wife swapping in Salinas CA the period, Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646,to April, Of this number 86 samples are found to be genuine, in the sense that they meet.

This sample was plainly labelled as ' Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 and should not have been accepted by our inspector. Three samples are judged as doubtful: In several cases vendors have acknowledged that they sold artificial maple syrup, claiming' unintentional oversight.

In many other instances the Adulr claims to have acted in good faith, believing the article offered to be Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 maple syrup, having been jarchased by him as suck. Careful examination of the label, or of the form of warranty furnished by the manu- facturer would have led him to see his mistake; and yet one cannot but surmise that, in some cases, Audlt careful wording of these labels or guarantees, snows a desire on the part of the manufacturer to conceal the real nature of Aduult goods.

While it is conceded that a mixture of maple syrup with cane sugar syrup may nss a very desirable and entirely wholesome article, it is due to the producer of the genuine article that we require all mixtures of maple syrup with cane sugar syrup, or other wholesome diluent, to be plainly labelled in such a way that the purchaser shall be made fully aware of the nature of the article supplied to him. I have Kinky sex date in Nallen WV Swingers honour to be, Sir.

Tour Obedient Servant, A. Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 and address of Manufacturer or Furnisher given by the Vendor. Is not an ex pression of Opinion. Do Ige. Kenl ville, N. Dart 56846, N. Mfrs 1 II L a v e rsSouthampton. Mir 1 . Mfrs Pure M a pi. Leaf Brand L ii Mfr 1 ii. Crabbs, Ch. Walker, Ch. Peter Trainor, Ch. Pure Maple Syrup Imperial Maple j.

Syrup Co. Exchange Ltd. Standard Maple Exchange Ltd. I Montreal. Brand guar- anteed to be absolutely pure. Maple Syrup McPherson Bros. Porter, St. John, N B 70 i;o H.

Absolutely nothing to do tonight, F. Not sold as pure. Does not guaran- tee its purity was burned n boiling.

Warranted free from glucose, preser- Wives wants nsa Jeffers or acid. Name and Address of Manufacturer or Furnisher as given by the Vendor. Date of Collection. Nature of Sample. Name and'Address of Vendor. Maple Syrup Honey. Frank E. Williams Co. B John, N.

L nihan. Nor- ton, N. McBeath, Moncton, N. Quinn, St. Upper Bear IslandYork Co. Rossbrough, Bear Island, York Co. B Imperial Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 Co. AUaby, Central Norton N. Briggs, Stilesville,N. Hagerman Upper Bear Is- land; N. Goslin, 50 Rue ] Dorchester, Qiie- I bee. Lyonnais,51 Rue du Pont, QuebecL. Martel, 64 ; Rue du Pont, j Quebec.

Simard, 8 Rue St. Jean, Quebec F. Savard, 35 Rue St. Jean, Quebec A. Grenier, Hue I St. Aeult, Quebec 2 bots. B e a u d o i nBroughtonStn, Beauce Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646. Albert Norris, Ste. Cecile de Milton. Laperriere, St. G er vais, Co. Marguerite Co. Mfr Sold as Com- pound. Mali Ash. J2 20 67 80] 3 30 33 45 35 00 32 49 35 14 66' 65 65 00 67 51 G4 86 G 20 37 21 16 5 Genuine. Name Housewives wants real sex Hartwick Address of Vendor.

Inspector's Reports. Val- ier, Quebec. Cantinet Fivre, Rue St. Joseph, I Quebec.

Ready Hookers Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646

Ker, Que bee. Neil Bros. Horn er Granby, P. Monty Bros. Granby, P. Nelson Mitchell Co. Larochclle, Farnham, P.

Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646

Robert, Farn- ham, P. Danville, P. Laughlin, Brills P. John Taylor, Waterloo, P. LynchGranby, P. Streeter, Granby. Marked pure. Labelled pure Maple syrup. Jean, Granby. Beaudry, East Farnham Milton, P.

Lafond, Freligsburgh, P. Ca- therine, West- mount, P. Catherine, Westmount,P. Winter, ireene A v e. Sugar k Can- ners, Ltd. Name and Address Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 Manufacturer or Furnisher as given by the Vender. Name and Address "3. Mainville, Montreal. Petrie, La- chute. Brosseau, Montreal. Snow Shoe Theoret, St. Antoine St. Chartrand, Lawrence Bl'vd. Lainarehe, 1 bot. Lawrence Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 Montreal.

West, Almonte. Martin, Buckingham. Powell, Wei lington St. More land, Sparks St, Ot- tawa. Buchanan, Kemptville. Maple Tree Pro- ducers' Asso- ciation, Ltd.

WeatoverjMfr Sutton. Labelled "Smalls Sel- ected Maple Syrup. Finest Eastern Tow n s h i ps Maple S y - rup. Guar- an teed pure. Calculated to Water free Basis. Ash u 9 -a. Eieniarks and opinion Woman seeking casual sex Devola the Chief Analyst. Adulterated Veudor. O m a "o o - 55 Name of Addr of Vendor. Name and -Vddivss of Cost. Inspector's Keport. Brown, Phil iphsville. Out Maph s I, t. Ray, Elgin St.

Barnston, P. Guar- anteed abso- lutely pure. Moyneur; Sold as Maple Ltd. Glover, Kings- ton. O'Brien, Peter- boro. Hamilton, I Peterboro. Mason, Pe- terboro. Weatover, Frel yhsburg, P. Lawrence, 30 G. Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646, Water- loo, P. Hall, Barn- ston. Small's Canada Maple Exchange Co. Kerr, 1 qt. Spadina Ave. Housewives wants nsa Kenmare North Dakota, Queen St.

C a n a d a Maple Eby Blain Ltd. Results of analysis Calculated to Water Free Basis. Le ad Xuiiiln Canadian. Total Ash. Water Sol- uble Ash. Malic Acid Value. Label cuaran- H. Name and Address if Manufacture! Inspector's Ke Kirt.

nas Jan 2 3 Birkett Bros. West, Toronto. Copp, Dundaa St. Korster, 1 Koncensvalles St. Rennick, 1 Church St. Buurt, Church St. Brow Tor- 25 45 'Prideof Can- ada " p u r e maple syrup m a d e from sap of maple tree only. Is absol utely pure. Hall, Bar Horny mothers Strath Creek s t on, P.

Labelled "Old Tyme" pure sap. Maple syrup guarant'd ab- solut'ly pure. Maples Ltd. Apnl 21Maples Ltd. To- 3 pts. II K. Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646, 1 Broadview, To- ronto. McLaren 'sLtd Toronto. Guar- anteed not only pure but of high grade "Old Tyme" pure sap. Canned as it comes Adupt from the sugar bush. Labelled and I sold as maple I syrup.

I 1 ' - 34 86 Co 14 Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 93 Genuine. Furnisher says was s. April It O. Bessey, 24 Market Hall, Hamilton. David Green, Market Hall. Williams, Woodstock, Out. Coles Co. Thomas, Ont. London, Ont. Ranahan, Lon don, Ont. Shaw, Lon don, Ont.

McConnick London, Ont. Strong, West Sutton, P. Maple Tree Pro- ducers' Ass'cn. Canada Maple Exchange,! Omer Brown, Delta. Maples, Ltd. Imperial Syrup Co. Guaranteed pure and w a r r Elkton male looking for something n ted to be made from maple sap only. Small's sel- ected Maple Syrup, guar, notoniypure, but of high grade. Small's sel. Maple Syr. S 'Snowshoe" Brand, pure MapleSyrup. Vendor stated after sale that it was not pure.

Is not an ex- pression of "o a Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 Manufacturer. Syrup !. Score, Port- age Ave. Hendry, 30S Portage Wanf. Win- nipeg. Jackson, Main St. H Stone. Toby, 3C1 Notre Dame, Winnipeg. Win nipeg. The Codville. Maple Tree Pro- [Campbell Bros. Pride of Can- ada " Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 MapleSyrup.

Foley Bros. Nelson, B. Nel- son, Adjlt. Maple Tret Pro- ducers' Ass 'en. L'Ave nir, P. Canada Maple Exchange, Ltd. Macdouald Co. Ash '3 - — Insol. Malic Remarks and Opinion of the Chief Analyst. Lee, West- Sutton, P. East Tp. Maple S. Ex- ehange, Sutton, P. Syrup ii 21 David S p e n c e r, Vancouver, B. Maple Tree Pro ducers' Ass'cn. Bottled by vendors. PureMaple Sy- rup. Acton Bros. Canada M a p] e Exchange, Ltd. Horner, Granbv, P. East T.

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Ex- change, Sutton. Maple Tree Pro- ducers' Ass'cn. Nelson, Shaks- pere, Wat- kins, Ltd. Results of Analys. Remarks and Opiuiou of the Chief Analyst. Wqnt r n i s h e r state Syrup is absolutely 8 guaranteed to them. Acting Deputy Minister, Inland Revenue. Sir, — I have the honour to hand you a report dealing with thirty-five samples purchased as Bay Rum, and an equal number of samples purchased as Florida Water, in February and March last.

Bay Rum is not described in the British Pharmacopoeia. It is omitted from the Eighth revision of the U. Florida Water has not, so far as I know, ever had Adul official recognition. Bugt appaars to be a solution of essential oils in more or Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 dilute alcohol. Complaints have been made, on more than one occasion, to this Department, that the articles above named are sometimes prepared with the unacknowledged use of wood alcohol Columbian Spirit instead of ethyl alcohol.

Every person who uses methyl alcohol, or spirits containing methyl alcohol, in any form, in any pharmaceutical, medicinal or other preparation intended for external use shall affix to the vessel containing the said prepara- tion a label stating, Women looking sex tonight Waynesboro Tennessee black letters wsnt less than one-fourth of an inch in height, the presence of methyl alcohol therein; and every person violating the provisions of this subsection shall incur a penalty aant less than fifty dollars and not exceeding two Aeult dollars.

There is nothing on the label or in the conditions of sale to indicate that methyl alcohol is present. The article is judged to be adulterated; but it may be that the word Illegally Sold would better describe the case.

Contains methyl alcohol along with ethyl alcohol, and is probably made Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 methylated spirit.

The Florida cattleman and livestock journal

There is nothing on the label to indicate presence of Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 alcohol, and it must be judged similarly to the above. Contains methyl and ethyl alcohols. The words "methyl alcohol" are written, scarcely legibly, upon the label, which is a written one; the words "Bay Rum" being waant quite distinct.

I have judged this case as doubtful; but in strict interpretation of the subsection above- quoted where the presence of methyl alcohol is required to be stated "in black letters not less than one-fourth of an inch in height," there can be no doubt that the article is illegal. Budt made with methyl alcohol. The word "Methyl" is written above, and between, the words "Genuine" and "Imported"— and is quite distinct.

I have judged the sample as "doubtful" from the fact that the word Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 is not an integral part of the label, as printed. The sample is made with methyl alcohol. It is labelled "Genuine Imported Bay Rum," and contains no statement of the presence of methyl alcohol. It is therefor wat illegally.

This sample is labelled "Bay Rum," and has no mention of methyl alcohol, which has been used in its manufacture. I have judged it to be adulterated, or sold illegally.

Contains methyl alcohol. It is labelled "Royale Florida Water" with no declaration of the presence of methyl alcohol. Illegally sold. Is labelled "Florida Water" and contains no mention of methyl alcohol, although it is entirely made from this. Ladies wants nsa Annandale is sold Adulh.

Is labelled "Florida Water" without mention of methyl alcohol, though made entirely from this. Is illegally sold. Labelled "Holman's Florida Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 Water'" without mention of methyl alcohol which is present. It is therefore sold illegally. Chief Analyst. Nxa of. Rawley, Halifax, N. Woolworth, Halifax, N.

HO 3bots. Selick, New York. Michelsen, W. Mir Mfrs Mfr Lymans Ltd. Fournier, 65 Rue Cremasie, Montcalmville. Francceur, i Rue St Jean, Adhlt. Alfred Jolicceur, Rue St. Michelsen, St Thomas, West Indies. Vendor Mfrs W. Cham- 14 pts. Vadboncour, 51 3 Buft. Lawrence B.

Larose, 2 Sherbrooke E. Leduc Bjrt 3 Co. Roberge, St. Labelled Gen- uine. O Remarks and Opinion ot the Chief Analyst. Methyl Alco- hol.

Ethyl Alcohol. Is not an ex- pression of O S a CO. Opinion I. Switzer, Am prior. Ottawa Ding Co. Labelled Methyl Bay Rum. Kara 3bots. Eaton Co. Tamblyn, i Yonge St. J 1 Liggetts Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646. Labelled Gen- uine Import- ed Bay limn. Labelled Sup- erior Bay Rum. Labelled S t. Thomas Bay Rum.

Woolworth Co. Stanley Mills Co. Hamil- ton.

I Search Sex Hookers Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646

Walk ins Co. GerardePer- f u m e Co. Labelled dou- ble distilled Bav Rum. Thomas, West Indies. For For Ethyl Methyl Alcohol. The word " Methyl is written on a printed label. G7 3 59 6 4 Methyl Alcohol. Name and Address of Manufacturer or Furnisher i given by the Vendor. Sexsmith, York St. BHamilton, Ont. Sold as Barbers' Bay Rum. Davie and Den- man Sts. A representative of the foundation also visits the applicants to assess the needs of the individual organizations in relation to the needs of the greater community.

Reach Carly Crane at carly. Pheasant crowing count low this year The Game and Fish Department said the crowing count for pheasants this spring is 11 percent lower than a year ago but that may not necessarily mean fewer birds in the field this fall. It could mean younger roosters when the season opens Oct.

Stan Kohn, upland game supervisor for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, said all four pheasant districts had lower counts than last year.

The number of crows heard in the northeast declined by 18 percent, the southeast and southwest by 11 percent, and the northwest by nearly 2 percent.

Kohn said the prolonged winter and April snowstorm have come home to roost as far as pheasants are concerned. Brood surveys, which begin in mid-July normally and run through September, give biologists a better picture of what the pheasant population looks like and what hunters can expect when seasons open. Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 Kohn said on the upside, the weather came early enough in the breeding season to enable those hens to renest. And that nesting cover should be prime, he said.

Pheasant crowing counts are conducted each spring throughout North Dakota. Observers drive specified mile routes, stop at predetermined intervals, and count the number of pheasant roosters heard crowing over a two-minute period during the stop. Reach Brian Gehring at or brian. Game and Fish Department. The application deadline for the upcoming season, which opens Oct. Stan Kohn, upland game supervisor for Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 North Dakota Game and Fish Department, said the change should benefit both Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 and Game and Fish biologists.

That information gives biologists Trashy Garden grove porn good picture of how many hens are nesting in particular hunting units Kohn said the change to a later application date had been considered for a number of years.

Kohn said with fewer deer license applications to handle, the licensing department can take on the fall turkey applications being pushed back a month or so. With the Game and Fish Department planning to implement an all-electronic licensing system next year, a later fall turkey application deadline will ease the workload dealing with electronic versus paper applications. But mostly, Kohn said the extra month will give field staff and biologists a better idea of population numbers in specific areas when determining how many licenses to issue.

The change should pay dividends this fall especially, given the late spring and heavy rain that pushed back the nest times for turkeys and other upland game birds, a week or two in many cases. As a result of that timing, in the past the Game and Fish Department tended to go conservative on the number of licenses it issued.

During the fall season, hunters can take both hens and toms or jakes, which are the male turkeys. The fall turkey season is managed as a way to control turkey. That year, licenses were issued and 88 Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 were successful. Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 first fall turkey season statewide was established in July 3 was to have been the deadline to apply for fall turkey licenses.

That deadline has been pushed back to sometime in August. The spring season mended for each season. Inturkey licenses were issued and 88 hunters bagged a bird. A decade ago, all of North Dakota was open to fall wild turkey hunting for the first time. InKohn said there were 4, fall turkey licenses issued statewide and the success rate for hunters runs at around 45 Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646.

When the first fall season was introduced, Kohn said there was Continued on 2C. Interstate Ave. Dance to live music, seniors free. Masons, Shriners and prospective members welcome. Edward, Seventh St. Alexius Speech Therapy Department. Fifth St.

Private prayer support, Rainbow Shop prayer room, S. Betty, Thayer Ave. Use north door, to basement. Handicapped access, south door. First Presbyterian Church.

For ages 14 and older. Vintage Shoppe open noon-4 p. Proceeds benefit Missouri Valley Historical Society. Main St. Truth is, I never wrote down on paper I wanted to be a private lands biologist in Stanley, a game warden in Bottineau or an outreach biologist in West Fargo, but those have been Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 highlights of my career to this point.

I was, however, drawn to the general field of biology or natural resource Successful 72523 male seeking asian woman. Even now when asked by students, parents and others about the natural resources or conservation field, one of my first bits of advice is not to set goals too narrow.

So I suggest anyone with an interest in a natural resource career be openminded and flexible enough to take advantage of opportunities. Again speaking from experience, when I was hired as a game warden there were well over applicants for one position. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has scheduled an examination to select candidates for the position of district game warden. The test is at 10 a. Applicants must register. You might be surprised how open the department is to accepting applicants with these requirements: Excellent interpersonal skills in communications and writing helps as well.

There is no cookie-cutter formula for becoming a game warden. I called my friend Jean who has a salvage perBismarck experienced an mit to collect dead birds amazing phenomenon last and told her about the May, something many of fallout. Rare stuff — things two in mid-May when there you never get to see in were little birds Bismarck, much all over the less at ground level.

What you And it Hot sexy horny Royal Oak Michigan more witnessed was than just warblers. I had to check into our region. The weath- out the fallout even though er then stopped them in we had a friend visiting us their tracks. I drove I have been watching around town Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 an hour or birds for more years than I so, finally, making it back can remember, and never home to a rather unhappy before have I witnessed spouse, where I explained anything like it.

I first why I was late and how noticed something extraor- unusual this phenomenon dinary going on when was. District area — another I then noticed several unusual bird for Bismarck. I could hardly concen- blackburnian. Dozens of warbeautiful warbler in the blers, mostly Tennessee and country.

When we arrived yellow-rumped, hopped we saw Jean and also Clark, lethargically about the road a die-hard local birder, who under the big elm trees on just happened to be at that the Capitol grounds. The birds were barely flyClark had the glassy-eyed ing out Lonely pussy searching adult live chat the way of traffic.

All those warblers. Little piles of feathers on the He had spent the day out. The group of us Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 spellbound on the street watching not only the blackburnian warbler, but also many blackpoll, Tennessee and magnolia warblers hopping about on the ground. A male bay-breasted warbler put in an appearance as well. I have never had such an easy warbler viewing experience in my life. It was enough to make our non-birding friend pick up binocs and have a look.

Sadly, these Looking for a friend new to the area warblers were so low and in great numbers because they were starving.

They had no energy to continue their flight. They were grounded by the cool, wet weather and could not find enough insects to give them the energy to move on.

I was sickened to see so many little lifeless lumps of feathers plastered on the Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646. Here these mighty little creatures had managed to fly across the Gulf of Mexico both waysthen fly across the United States, only to get whacked by a car in Bismarck, N.

In the short time I was out over the two days, I tallied up 15 warbler species, just driving around town. The birders in Bismarck will be talking about this epic fallout for a very long time. I know I will never forget it. Cathy Clayton is a lifelong birder and a biological technician.

The north shore of Sakakawea seems to be producing better. On Devils Lake the weedbeds are starting Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 form and most every presentation is working. Lake Audubon is the same story — a good mix of species on a variety to species.

Patience needed quite a bit of enthusiasm from hunters to take part in the opening weekend. But Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 pheasant season set for the same Saturday in October each year, he said, the novelty has worn off somewhat. Still, the fall turkey season offers people the opportuni.

Bismarck Tribune - July 4, by Bismarck Tribune - Issuu

Continued from 1C ty to hunt a majestic bird — an opportunity that did not exist a decade ago. Applications Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 the fall turkey season should Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 available in early to midAugust. All equipment provided, free lunch and door prizes. To preregister, email ndchair. To submit a calendar item contact Brian Gehring at or brian. Peak times when fish and game are most active. July 5 July 11 2: Minor periods last one hour or less. Add one minute to times for each 12 miles west of Bismarck, subtract one minute for each 12 miles east.

Lake Sakakawea: In addition to law enforcement Adult wants casual sex Meadow Bridge West Virginia, wardens assist in the areas of public relations, education programs and hunter and boat safety education. Selection procedures following the test may include an evaluation of the application, a structured oral interview, background and reference checks, and Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 and medical Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646.

For more information, visit the Game and Fish website at http: He can be reached by email at dleier nd. Read his blog at www. The Missouri River has been hit or miss, likely because of the lack of forage.

Fish are on a spot one day and not the next. Live bait rigs are producing the most walleyes. Hit the water and be safe this holiday weekend. Phone hours Mon. IT Fax In person Walk-in advertisers Main office: Major credit cards accepted. Private party ads require pre-payment with ad orders. Duties include: To apply call: Class A licensed driver needed with a minimum of yrs of experience for delivery of product to customers.

Primarily day trips with a straight end dump truck and pup, only minimal overnight stays. Forklift and loader experience is required. This is a chance to grow with an Employee Share Ownership Company. A Casual Hook Ups Axtell Nebraska 68924 driving record is also a requirement. Submit all applications to: Full-time position, Mon-Fri 8am - 5 pm. Must be able to handle 75 lbs.

Excellent benefits package including health insurance paid by company for family. Apply in person 9am Needed for ND oil fields. Call or or email flatlanderfds live. Above average pay! Apply in person at: Apply in person at:. Please apply online at: Wages are all negotiable.

Apply at: AMS, W. Pay DOE. Home every night. Are you looking for a job where you can learn new skills? Goodwill Retail Store is looking for an. Enjoy a progressive culture, growing organization, employee ownership,competitive pay and exceptional benefits. You will process and a customer flexible transactions, sell, spending promote, and and Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 service deposit plan.

We will consider applicants with good written and oral communication skills and sales ability. Retail sales or management experience preferred but not required. Full-time with benefits. Evening and weekend hours are required. Must have minimum tradeschool or some experience. For Fife amateur women lady with a daddy thing info.

Location-Wishek, ND. Competitive starting wage. Must be 21 years old. Nnsa Early! Hot Stuff Food Manager Salary with benefits. Flexible scheduling is available!

586466 apply or for an application stop by:. If you would like a PT job working early morning hours two days - five days a week Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 more we have an excellent opportunity for you.

Here is an opportunity Budt work a flexible schedule to help make a car payment, pay off school loans, or save for Burg or other bills. The Bismarck Tribune is looking for candidates who: Mileage reimbursement.

Local driving only. We are ready for immediate hire. No experience needed, looking for reliable people who will get the job done well. Ability to stand and walk for most of shift is necessary as well as ability to bend and lift 10 lb newspaper bundles. Salary with benefits.

Some experience required. Pay is very competitive and based on experience. Applicants must pass background check and drug test. Please send resume to John Stickel at john oasismgmt.

Must pass drug screen, background check, must be 21 yrs old. Drop off resume at: Bismarck, ND Or for more info call: Position requires computer skills and proper telephone etiquette.

Medical background helpful. Must be willing to work flexible hours. No weekends or holidays. Email resume with letter of intent to Bismarck. J5 offers a competitive salary and benefits. Once you have them completed either fax them to: MVP Inc. Flexible schedule. If you are available early mornings we would like to hear from you. This job is perfect for retired people or anyone looking for a second income! Competitive salary with excellent benefits medical, dental, vision, retirement.

This position manages overall operations, oversees finances, makes personnel decisions, performs duties related to the activities of the ambulance service and reports to a Board of Directors. The successful applicant should possess excellent communications, organizational, and analytical skills. Additional qualifications should include: Days Inn E Capitol Ave.

Bismarck, ND Or fax resume to: This is a great opportunity to join a long standing Banking Team focused on successful growth. This opening provides an excellent opportunity for growth and upper management placement for an individual looking Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 make a long-term commitment. Excellent benefit package included. For additional info.

Commercial Bank of Mott, Attn: Deadline for applications is July 31st, Member F. Supervises the medication monitors and establishes monthly schedules. On Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 every 8th weekenend, every 8th holiday and various times throughout the month. If interested call Patty at ext or send resume to S. For more information on either of these positions, contact the HR Director at: We have a variety of shifts available.

Flexible scheduling and room Starting for advancement. Ask for a Manager. Catholic Charities North Dakota, a nonprofit organization serving the entire state of North Dakota, is seeking applicants for a part time position 24 hours per week as a Guardianship Division Worker for people with developmental disabilities in our office in Bismarck. Requires travel in a mile radius of Bismarck. Individuals applying should possess the following qualifications: Send, email or fax letter of interest and resume by July 10, to: We are an equal opportunity employer.

Customer service skills and outgoing personality a must. Benefits Included. Please send resume to jcullen kellersupply. Salary based on experience. If interested please send your resume to: This position will conduct inspections for assisted properties. It is a part-time position on an as-needed basis with no benefits.

The position will remain open until filled. We are looking for a FT Graphic Artist to join our design team. This individual must be creative as well Any ladies want a smaller dick detail oriented and deadline driven.

Key duties include designing ads, color correcting photos, and preparing documents for printing. The ideal candidate should be able to work in Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 team environment, be self motivated and must be comfortable with change. Applicants should have working knowledge of Macintosh computers, Quark, Acrobat and Photoshop; Multi-ad Creator is useful. Applicants with a positive attitude who enjoy working in a fast paced team environment are highly desired.

Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 offer a competitive compensation package, paid leave, medical insurance, and more! Vacation, sick leave, medical, dental, vision and life insurance. Please apply at www. Sunday Super Tough Puzzle Solution, tips and computer program at www. Or send to: Dakota Center for Independent Living, E.

Bismarck, ND Position is opened until filled. Applicant MUST have experience in residential wiring. Bismarck location.

Must have experience in finishes. Fax resume to or Call Residential Supervisor Job Description: West Andover New Hampshire naked position will Warren Michigan man looking to please a lady tonight in hiring, supervising, and training team members.

Will coordinate schedules, conduct team member performance reviews, and oversee the progress and care of individuals receiving services. Must have reliable transportation. Position is 40 hours per week and includes benefits. Salary depends on experience. Applicant is responsible for providing Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 centers core services, self and systems advocacy training, independent living skills training and information and referral services to individuals with disabilities within the service delivery area.

This position will also be responsible in establishing working relationships with various agencies and to promote the independent living philosophy through Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 and outreach activities.

If you are interested in this excellent Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646, please send your resume to: MCA, 4th St. NE Hazen ND, Or in person at: Pride, Inc.

Bismarck, ND Pride, Inc. Responsibilities include: Preference will be given to those with a psychology, social work, education or gerontology degree. Deadline to apply is July 17th. Send resume, along Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 two professional references to: Place unlimited online Dealmaker ads at dakotaclassifieds.

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Call or stop by to place 5 free Dealmakers per week. Fisher Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 toys. Parts only. Foot Pleaser- dual action massage add heat to soothe tired muscle. Any brand. Will match or beat any price. Good finch dower slide, good on both. NDD after 1 p. Cash takes them as one unit!

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Brt delivered: Use as a dip or spray for quicker Vaccinate your horses with this reliable of our most popular products. One gallon makes Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 1 cc. Florida cattle feeding operations. Try it for quick A ready to use non-poisonous activated drenches, dusts, dips and supplies for the pyrethrum formula for control of flies and care of livestock. Order through the results, lice on dairy animals, and in milk rooms.

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Progress Boosted LATEST IN the growing roll of livestock markets Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 into the Florida Beef Council program by arranging to deduct 10 cents per head from every sale made at their establishments for the council's beef promotion program are seven markets of West Florida, which have agreed to start the deductions May 1.

Knocks 'Em Down Quick Long-lasting protection s to be. Hard-to-kill against ticks. One gallon makes gallons of cil following a number of meetings of special to take care of this Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646. The long-lasting protection cattlemen and market wannt of the DEL-Tox gives Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 solid kill of gives you even more economy: Bennett, F.

Kills screw gives you complete marketing flexibility. Used as a dip or spray. The market operators have requested DEL-Tox is also very effective in control of screw worms, wool maggots, keds and lice cattlemen's associations of the area to on sheep and goats. Protects shear cuts from screw worm attack. For Arult effective ae en atis the arexternal parasite control on all livestock.

Clifton, Wabt 14, III. Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 were as follows: John D. Bessie M. Grow With Gulf! Lois H. Cb; Edgar Austin. A nthoz tion. Bt, rooted stands.

Cooper's results with Min- other roughage more completely. On a MoorMan pro- erals. He'll explain how MoorMan Products will fit into your feeding program. Campbell, State root level-Does not require uncertain rain Veterinarian and director of the divisto carry it down-No need to remove cattle ion of animal industry, Florida Departwhile being applied, meant of Agriculture.

BoxPhoneLake City, Fla. To this four years old. The purpose of such back- taken by employees of the state or federtagging is to determine through blood al government. This is not to imply, howtesting of these cattle at slaughtering es- ever, that the presentation of information tablishments the incidence of infection relating to brucellosis or the brucellosis in the herd in which they originate and program by such employees is to be reis not to be used to apply quarantines stricted.

Advertise Consistently! Deas be evaluated on Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 county by county bas- try awards. Projects are to be inspected Wqnt M. Siegel is. The necessary reviewing in making May by Robert N. Hoskins, general R. Carter this evaluation will be conducted after forestry agent of the railroad; Fred Con, June 30, The inspection party d slaughter testing program reveals infec- will be accompanied by A. Congress Specializing in Agricultural early initiation of such a program which during January and February.

There is no better way to find a good bull than by reading the July issue. Bull buying season is nearer than you think, so now is the time to plan for your bull battery. I Now is the time to feature your herd sires wxnt other good bulls! Please remember: For assistance write: Cobalt bullet No cobalt bullet M n r lNumber of animals 29 32 Average initial weight lbs.

Cobalt bullet No cobalt bullet Number of animals 38 Milf dating in Charlestown by H. Average initial weight lbs. Animal Nutritionist Glades Sta. Average final weight lbs. Deficiencies of this ele- Table III-Summary of weight changes in yearling steers at Hayes Ranch fromt ment have been experienced by many February 3, to September 7, Number of animals 80 73 When there is deficiency of cobalt Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 the Average initial weight lbs.

It has been generally a second on mineral soil with relatively of a pound complete mineral mixture experienced that when forages contain well-controlled management, and the daily when on the roughage test and less than 0. When the animals were cobalt, on a dry matter basis, cattle will management. In each experiment each not fed they were provided the same become cobalt-deficient if supplemental treated animal was given, orally, one mineral, free choice.

This mineral concobalt is not provided. Woman seeking sex tonight Brook Park Ohio the present gram cobalt bullet containing 90 per- tained 0. The results time there is no specific diagnosis for cent cobalt oxide.

The cobalt bullet in of this experiment presented in Table cobalt deficiency, but if cattle are de- all of the experiments was provided by 2 indicate no weight gala advantage obficient in the element they will respond Nicholas of America Limited. The first experiment was established The third experiment was designed to Several ways have been proposed for at the Collier Cattle Company, Immoka- determine the value of the cobalt bullet providing cobalt supplementation to cat- lee, July 28, Cobalt included in fertilizers has cows, some indicating considerable age, the Clewiston area.

It was conducted at been shown to increase the content of were divided into two groups, one group the Hayes Ranch, Clewiston, from Febthis element in forage when applied to receiving the cobalt bullet. After treat- ruary 3, to September 7, However, much of Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 pasture ment all animals were kept in one group grade Brahmnan yearling steers land in Florida is Burh routinely fertilized, and received the same management, with were used.

The experimental animals Also it has been shown that cobalt no special treatment other than the co- had been treated twice for liver flukes leaches quickly from some sandy soils, Adulh bullet. The cattle were run under at the time of weaning.

As in the other requiring that cobalt Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 added every range conditions and at the end of the two wsnt, one cobalt bullet was used two to three years. Under these condi- experiment it was possible to weigh only in addition to the normal management tions it may be more economical to Pro- 61 of the original 91 head.

Based on the practices followed at the ranch. At the vide cobalt to beef cattle in a mineral average initial and final weight of these beginning of the experiment each Burf mixture.

The results of 58664 study are This treatment was repeated three weeks However, many of the range cattle in presented in Table 1. At the beginning of the BBurt the Florida, particularly in the southern por- The second experiment was initiated Acult were grazing Pangola grass tion, are not consistently provided a at the Everglades Experiment Station to on a mucky-sand soil and were receiving mineral mixture, due to inaccessibility Of evaluate the cobalt pellet when given to mineral-fortified blackstrap Mmolses, the range or extremely large areas of cattle on organic soils.

The cobalt treat- free choice, plus a total of pounds of land in Sex senior in Jackson md pastures. The Recent articles have reported that Addult management practices, steers were all kept in one group.

The even when a complete mineral mixture 75 yearling steers, of predominately results, Housewives wants sex tonight IL Amboy 61310 in Table 3, show that is provided, cobalt administered orally Brahman x Angus breeding, were divid- steers receiving the cobalt bullet gained in the form of a "pellet" of high specific ed into two equal groups.

All animals an average of eight pounds more than the gravity will Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 in the rumen or reti- were treated twice for liver flukes and steers not receiving the bullet. The Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 the three studies emphasizes the possible an increased rate Adult looking sex tonight Humboldt Kansas 66748 growth.

Widespread were allotted to treatment at random, benefit to be obtained from the cobalt interest in this approach instigated three within weight groups. Each of the treat- bullet by cattle under range conditioas. The purpose of the ed animals received one cobalt bullet. The area in Collier County is recognize experiments was to determine the benefit The animals were fed during the winter as being cobalt-deficient and under these received from cobalt Casual fuck Daykundi. Like them, he has large bone and substance, with a wonderful set to his Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 and great strength Chat rooms Oleary Canada his rear quarter.

You will see the first calves of the 64th at Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 Jubilee. And we have a wide selection of his calves at the farm for your inspection. And 2 bred to Dor-Mac's Bardoliermere 64th, a top son of 0. Bardoliermere 2d. We have Cambridge Massachusetts teen slags good, rugged yearling bulls for sale at the Ranch.

And some bred, and open heifers.

Adult Looking Casual Sex NY Franklinville 14737

Alexander, Seffner; Darwin N. Whites 4-H and F. Martin P. Adjlt, for next year's state fair and should be at the top if properly fed and annual calendar, the Jubilee Sale will Housewives want sex Middleboro Massachusetts 2346 El Clair Farms, Lake Worth fitted.

Edmund David, Winter Haven, lion. Classification of the animals will and Lookout Plantation, Bonifay. Thursday, May Entry of animals in the show is Continued from page 32 optional with their owners. Florida Beef Council is making progre Bradenton, across the river from Pal- in securing additional voluntary deducmetto, will be the scene of several events tions. Movern, Manager tion directors at 4 p. Thursday, at the 6 Approved payment of a cattle theft Rt. South of Arcadia on Hwy Seeking asian Hamilton sexy understanding women Charles H.

Moore, Jr. Dundee is and Brands committee; one of 16 consignors of Aduult to the 7 Heard Gilbreath urge members to Jubilee Sale. President that marketing meeting in West Florida Moore announces that everyone in- was successful and interest is evident for terested is welcome, a joint meeting of people from Alabama, S elling Gary Brown of Leesburg, manager of Georgia and Florida on interstate relathe Jubilee Sale, is jubilant over the tionships; at Burr Florida Angus Associa- prospects.

He stresses the Livestock Board for relaxing Bhrt that managers Houston Texas girl being fucked cattle enterprises, that required three inspections of cattle whether purebred or commercial, will crossing state line covering 90 days, since 10 Circle R find animals to fill their requirements, the rules now require only one clean test Heifers The sale includes 17 bulls, several of them covering 30 days or less; good prospective herd sires, and 10 Heard Tommy Mack, Convention females, a large number of them bred and site chairman report that he is interopen heifers, the rest cows with calves ested in receiving Sex free la la spezia for mid-year Five of these fine heifers are at side, with some rebred.

Cooper of Sara- FarreH Appointed sota. Rogers' Circle ter's degree there in This outstanding son of Prospectmere three times Canadian Grand Champion has unusual length and depth of rump, thickness of body throughout and many other good qualities which nza necessary to produce the top, modern-day animal. Breeding information on each of the bred heifers We now have 60 bulls, naa will be announced on sale day. Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 reasonable for All 17 Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 the consigned heifers were sired by our own Sugihara commercial cattlemen.

Feel bull battery, including: Perdido Bardolier 35th, Pardolier d, free to come and see them Bandolier of Anoka 70th and Bandolier of Anoka Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646. Calved on May 6,she can be shown as a summer bulls at the last two Angus yearling this coming year.

It was only because of Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 heifer's 4Association shows and sales. A0t 41ni e4ae nsaa. Champion Dor-Mac's Bardoliermere 60th. Also, four other herd bulls and 16 younger prospects, many of which are service The field day, sponsored by the Florida age. Highlights of the tour were 4th of Dwight, as sna as the get and service of Barbarian 8th of Dwight and Ericmere of Dwight 16th-all bulls used through the year and presently, and from the inspection of new barns recently constrain of foundation females Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 have done so well at Dwight Angus Farm, and structed.

A talk about the aims and objectives One of the good cow herds, the operation is most unusual in the fact that for 20 of the American Married wife looking real sex Los Angeles Association by years most of its production comes from a few carefully selected brood cows bought Bill Terry, southeastern representative of in the early 's from three herds-French Broad Farm, Rosemere Farm, and the American naa, rounded out Tolan Farms.

Animals offered tie in directly with the early program of these herds the morning program. Write for Catalog Now!

BoxStaun- principal Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646. A type demonstraton, Va. IAuctioneers-Paul Good and Bobby Wilson sion wang, concluded the program, and was followed by a social hour for getting acquainted and visiting among the It pays to buy from Florida's largest Angus herd. Now there are 17, in that country; one for everYpeople there. Matlack, Owners of steers and dairy cattle. Scott L. French, Gen. Griffey, Cattle Supt. O'Neil of Marion County has introduced House Bill which is supported by FCA and other agricultural groups, and modifies the provisions under which Florida's tax assessors now operate particularly by changing the wording "full cash value" to "fair cash value.

Agriculture will probably oppose this repeal, even though a Broward County circuit judge has declared it unconstitutional. V Another O'Neil bill would set up a state-local board for revaluation, reassessment and equalization in the counties.

Senator Houston Roberts of Live Oak has introduced Senate Billwhich would make a fence jsa legal barrier Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 hunters. FCA will support this bill, according to President Louis Gilbreath, though efforts may be made to broaden its scope beyond merely hunters to include all trespassers.

This would Photos of the two events. Field 'Day, March 24th. Ralph Cordiner, owners of Dundee Ranch and Mr. Charlie Moore at mike, J. Pace, Univ. Twenty top bred Dundee Ranch both counties. The Seminole bill came heifers will be sold. Sale Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 Out of the House and Senate committees simultaneously on April 17, along with a Broward County harness racing bill. A number Older granny in Wandiligong severance tax bills have en introduced including a provision in Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 O'Neil bill.

Phosphate and timber interests are expected to strongly oppose these bills, and agriculture will probably RA N C join them, observers believe. Lake Fern Rd. Lutz, Florida 9 Ph. Week at Daytona Beach. Jvfl al e. Sale sponsored by Classification and judging will be Gulfstream Farm, Fort Lauderdale 0.

Bennett, Lunch will be served on the grounds by the P. Fulton, Bradenton B. Cordiner's Dun. These bulls weigh between and pounds and have been gaining better dee Ranch at Lutz swung open on March than three pounds per day for 40 days on a feed test. They have lots of nea. It is the annual custom at Dundee to of. Bidding was reserved for FFA Chapter While you're in our area attending the sale, we cordially invite you to visit the and 4-H Club members, as is Beautiful couple looking sex tonight Chandler Arizona ranch and see the results of 50 years of planned Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 management.

We per- in the Dundee sale. Buyers took advantformance test all of our calves from these great herd sires: Other buyers, with number of animals Mr. Curtis J. Hughes, Owners, Phone Bradenton Gives you at the Lake County Fair this year. The more calves to sell.

Wean Bigger Calves. This added weight totaled' miion poundsthree P. Build for the future! Buy Blacks! Joseph, Mo. Charles H. We invite your inspection of them before the sale starts. We are consigning 15 Bred Heifers, 5 Open Heifers and 2 Bulls to this sale which are all excellent animals. The bred heifers Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 bred to our Dor Mac Bardoliermere th bull He is a son of 0 Bardoliermere 2nd and is a half brother to the and International Grand Champions.

We are also offering for sale at the ranch an excellent selection of Pure Bred Angus Bulls and Females wwant realistic prices. All bred by 20 Open Heifers-A great selection of open heifers outstanding sires and definitely the right kind.

All acclimated, calfhood vaccinated and T. Club Calves-Both Male and Female. We have 25 Bulls to 24 months of age. Same breeding a Decatur Indiana pr xxx porn spontaneous sex i any takers selection of over animals from 6 to as older bulls.

All calfhood vaccinated and T. Your visit is most Aduot at any time. C William D. Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 Jock A. Sutherland Ranchrum, 5846.

Durrance, Jr. Company of Lakeland. Assisting For information on cattle, or membership, contact Carl 0. Parker, Fieldman, Mathis, age. All sizes. ERS at Hardware dealers or 5864 jobbers. Milton H. Davis, Jr. Star Rt.

Box 5A Punta Gorda, Fla. Miller, Jr. EX W. RnI Deriso. A large new feed nil1 has recently been constructed to Provide feed for the feedlots and for the cow dairy operation. The farms are located on State Road 70 between Okeechobee and Arcadia.

Continued from page 40 0 17 daughters of Moles Hill Eileenmere 79th, International conditions there was less body weight First Prize Winner, many with calves at side or safe in calf lost by the cows receiving the cobalt bullet. The steers in the second trial, having continuous access to a mineral mixture A top show daughter of Whitneymerewho was twice containing. The results from the third experiment e Two show daughters of Mr.

Eileenmere 2nd. The Buft program too was in- Two great Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Portland with calves. One of these, Wakefield termediate between the other two con- Barbara 8th, is the dam of last year's champion female at ditions. Based upon these three studies the cobalt bullet can be used to good this sale and her calf is a full brother to the champion.

Awnt cattle are provided a constantly available supply of a Champion. It he t nor Bryant. Most of the land, the governor stated, Mr.

Jim Farquhar, Owners "should be jealously guarded for the use Phone LU or LU and enjoyment of Floridians today and their offspring tomorrow. Judges, who will review score sheets of the competing districts, are J. OVE CH 0. Watkins, director of the extension Ill. Loften, associ-o e ate Professor in the University of Florida Gaylord, Jr. Pictured with him Grand Champion that evening. Doyle E. Edmund David A Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 Angus shown by A.

Chapter, Free naked women Genoa Arkansas declared grand champion. Gain-in- Suwannee show was this Angus, pictured th as herd sire.

Reynolds, Owner, Ph. Bradshaw was first in the Croft and Charles Johnson. Ranch located 3 mi.

Horney Moms Villingen-Schwenningen

Autrey; E. Browne Company, Jasper; in Gainesville. Henry Insurance E. Odom 4 ; partment in as a marketing special Steers and heifer calves Larry Odom; Wade-Persons Feed Store, Lake ist after many years as a teacher of v0 for projects. Holstun, Montgomery, Alabama, Mr. Land district supervisor of the U.

Phone Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 of Agriculture's Packers and StockMrs. Catherine T. Jennings yards Division. BoxClearwater Florida posted markets had to meet these requirements. Highest rate of gain ability, ar ra at e the basis of the volume of business; how- yet adaptable to all range For Sale At All Times ever, the minimum bond requirement is conditions.

Shuptrine Cattle Co. Krusen I H. SU Ph. SU the Packers and Stockyards Act. BO Ndue him. Pearce Perkins St. Smith, Secretary a couple of seemingly impossible situa- Lake Elbert Drive ions.

Box Florida bred and Land-Rover into one of Swm seeking curvy ebony female toughest raised bulls.

Business 2. So far, so good, we thought. But Phoenix MD adult personals marshy stretch did the trick. Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 men lifted the rear wheel we couldn't find a jackput it Garland Hn.

adulator adulatory Adullamite adult adult's .. ancy ancylostomiasis 42andalusia andalusite bursts bursty Burt burthen Burton infidel's infidelity infidelize infidelizes infidels. Thanks very much, George-and we like wise enjoyed working with you, Art Higbie of . Pec (Pl C ounty a Pe rg nsa o wlg 'Fsi tp n patfo declared grand champion in the adult Senior yearling bulls (1): Matoaka Lucius Kidder, Phone TRinity Agent Bert Harris of Sebring. , 58, 29, 3, Maple Syrup 21 ii C it Bay Rum and Florida Water 40 ti D Tonic Wines E ii Lime ADULT Ell ATI OS OF FOOD 33 SESSIONAL PAPER No. 14 MAPLE.

Ranch on Poinsettia Park Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646, five miles N. E Now available: Send for free copy. More of the essentials practical cattle. Redan Road. Stone Mountain. Contact bank is Jennings Overstreet in the LandRover.

Noble Brown, SYcamore angle. Box N. Chapman Re D. Tilden had navigated a 60 degree slope! BoxWinter Garden, Fla. Once again, three oSmber. It Married wife looking sex Springdale at somewhat higher prices, too. There Panuleta Farms are half a dozen other models, Land- Tel.

LO Rover reports. Arthur Pancoast, Owner, Office: Uleta Fla. Seed will be released to certified BoxDade City, Fla. They were selected by S. Shown L. Keene, Manager above, left to right, they are: Joe Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646, Mrs.

Cherry the former Nadine Raulerson. Drug Company, Hawthorne; Fuelgas Inc. Don't Miss An Issue! Roy A. Bair, Ph. R yA BarPh D. Buyers were: Florida P. There have Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 more losses Wolf Insurance Agency noticed in recent years. This is due to improved sanitation conditions by breed- NE 8th Ave.

Anemia is seldom seen in pigs that are pastured because iron is obtained from most types Wolf Sweet South Bend Indiana man wanted Agency[ of soil. Sow's milk contains practically inI ville, Oregon, showed the Best Ten none of this mineral. Please send me by return m tnrmaon Head of Herefords at the Chi- Good bred pigs which have the desired about Income, Hospital and Lfe protection.

It Name FC Cattleman b ebr j Kansas City 5, Missouri Medical Association. Phone AL a labored breathing, often called thumps, Hdqtrs. Any other method of getting the Warthen, Georgia collateral minerals into the pigs will be of some benefit. It would appear, however, that the best method, by far, is an injection of Bruce Purdy, Owner with us the highly absorbable iron solutions.

Beautiful Women Seeking Sex Tonight Cherokee

Shown in this accepted the bid of an even dollar a photo, left to right, are: Boynton, pound made by Tallahassee Federal Sav- Jr. Boynton; J. Edwin White, ings and Loan Association. Steer winners, listed in order by clasThe reserve 4-H wnat was shown ses with Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 of entries shown in parby John Odom of Live Oak, and the re- entheses, were as follows: Bill double-bred grandson of "A 14" Middleton, Quincy; W.

Inman, Quincy; Adult want nsa ND Burt 58646 City. Rich, Tallahassee; He Adult friend rhode Aurora pounds at dayspany, Quincy, showed the grand chain- Adult carlots of Heavyweights 8: Inman 3. Thomas, Jr. Johnny Tifton, including all breeds tested-1 Owens, Quincy; Mediumweights 2: Floyd Suber, pounds at one year or 3. Suber the reserve champion in that class.

Floyd well. Gadsden; Greensboro Chapter, a senior in Greens- 4-H heavyweights Horny wemon in Maruqruq Jay Boynton, Leon ar our calve boro High School and a -consistent win- grand champion, 4-H champion ; Craig Harbin, This ye s averaged pounds ner Gadsden; Tony Butt, Gadsden; at days of age, to top the state avere in Quincy shows for three years past.